Real Estate Auctions

     Real Estate Auctions are an excellent way to sell property quickly and many times for a higher price than can be achieved by traditional methods. With a real estate auction, you will have sold the property at the sound of the gavel.

Younger Auction Co. uses only state of the art techniques for their real estate auctions. From aerial photography to NRCS statistics on soil type and quality, you can be assured that you have the most qualified staff working for you.


Advantages to the Auction Method

  • The seller gets to determine the date and time at which the property will be sold. Using the auction method, property can typically be marketed and sold within a four to six week time frame. Setting a specific date and time of sale creates a sense of urgency and forces the prospective buyers to a point of decision. An auction environment arouses a competitive spirit among the prospective bidders.
  • The competitive bidding format creates confidence among the buyers when they see other people willing to pay a similar amount for the property.
  • A timely auction allows the seller to drastically reduce holding costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.
  • Appraisal of land prior to auction contact giving seller realistic idea of price to be achieved.
  • Custom tailored advertising to make each parcel realize it full price potential. Information about your auction will reach a wide range of potential buyers and will be featured in one of our award winning auction flyers or brochures. Click here for details.
  • Historically, when the market is on the upswing, public auctions have established the highest prices. When the market is declining, an auction will capture the current market price before values drop.
  • The seller can set the terms of the auction, thereby avoiding lengthy negotiations of price and terms.
  • There is no ceiling price set on the property, which allows the price to increase freely with no limit.
  • Assistance with any pre-sale needs. (deeds, mortgages, liens, contracts).
  • We handle all paperwork and escrows through closing with flexible closing options (30 day closing standard) and provides all real estate services in connection with the sale, including assistance with showing the property prior to sale day.
  • Professional realty sales staff available prior to and following the sale.
  • Professional, automated clerking staff.
  • Use of the Younger Auction Gallery for real estate sales if desired.