Ralph Crawford Estate Auction – Day 2 of 4 – Sunday, August 13th 2017 – 11:00am – Til It’s Sold!

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08/13/2017 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Younger Auction Company
Address: 312 E South Hills Dr, Maryville, MO 64468, USA

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Auction Location:

312 E South Hills Dr, Maryville, MO 64468, USA

Ralph Crawford Estate Auction - Day 2 of 4

Featuring: Old Bottles, Advertising Tins, Prints, Ball Jars, Soap Stone, Lightning Bulbs, Postcards, Beautiful Antique Furniture & a Gazo Foudji Hand Painted and Signed Lamp Shade.

Sunday, August 13, 2017 – 11:00 am

312 E South Hills Dr, Maryville, MO 64468, USA


Gallery and Listing Are Here!

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Lot            Description
1                Pair of Antique Beveled Hand Mirrors 1 Wood 1 Celluloid
2                Maynes Salts Jacquot Blue Pitcher
3                Armours Cloverbloom Wood Cheese Box & cobbler Boot & Shoe Repair Box
4                Shirley Temple Cobalt Blue Cream Pitcher
5                Gray Granite Strainer, Cup, White Slotted Strainer, Blue & White Round Pan
6                Gray Granite Double Boiler & White Vase
7                Beehive 1 Gallon Crock Jug-unmarked
8                Etched Glass Ink Well, Missing insert & lid, Ribbed Ink Well with Stopper
9                34 Section Galvanized Chicken Feeder
10              Pair of Roseville (?) Planters
11              Ruckles 1 Gallon Crock
12              Group of 3 Graters 2 Cylinder & 1 With Wood Handle
13              Group of Wood Handle & Old Kitchen Utensils
14              Receipt Holder; Binoculars With Leather Wrapping; Hotel Rea Paper Holder, Victorian Woman Mirror Holder
15              Stitch Mistress Sewing Machine Mdl #49 Hand Crank Childs Size
16              Sterling Silver Pin Cushion
17              Galvanized Handled Oval Pail
18              Pair of Marigold Ruffled Edge Stretched Vases
19              Pair of Composite/Stone Lion Bookends- Oriental
20              Soap Stone Match Holder
21              Pair of Mini Sad Irons
22              Pair of Milk Bottles: Abkemeier Dairy- St. Louis, MO & Egg Nog Bottle St. Charles Dairy- St. Charles, Mo
23              Unmarked Single Drawer Coffee Grinder
24              Gold Elephant TV Lamp
25              Group of Advertisement Pieces: Angelus Marshmallows, Pocket Mirror, O.R. Briggmans Mini Compass; Home Oil co. Key Chain; Clarinda Hog Market- Montgomery & Ross Bullet Pencil; Estes Hotel Glenwood, Ia, Tag & J.G Black Clarinda, Ia Tag
26              Soap Stone Vase
27              Group of 3 Sad Iron Trivets: Royal, W.H. Howell & SA
28              The B&R Mfg Co. New York Dime Holder/ Counter
29              Pair of Rounded Bottom Bottle Unmarked
30              Pair of Amber Lightning Jars
31              Crystal Glass Salesman Sample Wash Board
32              Lucky Strike Tin
33              Glass Covered Chimney Flue Cover
34              Possible R. A Fox Print of Indian Woman on Cliff
35              Possible R. A Fox Print of Cabin By River
36              Tin Oil/Fuel Can
37              Hand Painted Font & Shade Electrified Oil Lamp
38              Glass Jar with Glass Knob Pulls
39              Small Wooden Bucket With Handle, Keg Spout, With Redlich's Paper Label
40              Group of 6 Lightning Bulbs- Rough Ends- Amber Bulb has Crack In Side
41              Small Group of Sleigh Bells
42              1925 Literary Digest With Tiffany & Co. Ad on Front
43              Wooden Stero-scope Viewer with Box of View Cards of National Parks, Plays Etc…
44              Crock Bowl with 11 Glass Ball Floats- No Maker mark
45              Childs Wooden Noise Maker- Hand Crank
46              TST Ironstone Chamber Pot with Bail Handle and lid
47              Blue Porcelain Milk Pitcher- Rough
48              4 Gallon Macomb Butter churn With Lid, Elephant Ear Handles- Cracking Spider Web on Side & Chip On Handle & Base
49              Pair of Mason Jars PAT. 1858 with Zinc Lids
50              Unmarked Beehive Crock Jug- Good Shape- 3 Gallon
51              Soap Stone Match Holder, Crack on back side - seen in picture
52              3 Crock Bottles, 2 with Finger Holds, 1/5 Size, Hand Turned- Stamp with Marks From Europe Unique
53              Lot of Brass Pulls
54              Lot of Porcelain & Metal Wheels
55              St. Cloud Pool Check Token: Good for 5¢ Drink D.J. Morin
56              Frigidaire Milk Bottle Cover- Green Glass
57              Universal Wall Mount Coffee Grinder-No catch Cup
58              Corning Glassware Co. Floral Paper Weight
59              Unmarked Paperweight with Butterflies
60              Unmarked Paperweight of Yellow Flower
61              Tin of Various Wood & Celluloid Buttons
62              Green Barn Lantern
63              Oval Metal Frame of Young Cherub Child
64              Brown Unmarked 4 Gallon Sized Butter Churn Crock- No Lid on Damper, Some Chips
65              Group of Vintage Spectacles Possible Some Gold
66              Group of Postcards: Some Holiday, Locations, ETC….
67              Wood Box with Single Handle & Latched Opening on Two Sides
68              Group of 3 Old Bottles 1-Blue & 2 Clear 1 Bottle has Glass Strung Inside From Making
69              Dazey 40 Glass Butter Churn, Paddles Good Has Screen
70              Telephone Candy Container, Some Paint & Tin Bottom Cover
71              Man Candy Container with Plastic Screw on Hat
72              Unmarked Carnival Amethyst Stretch Vase 13.5 Inches Tall
73              Atwood Cologne Bottle with Original Paper Label
74              Pair of Wide Mouth Stopper Bottles 1-Blue ; 1-Blue Green; 1 Marked Cihmsen & Sons Pittsburg, Pa
75              Blue Band Rolling Pin Advertisement with Wood Handle "Kitchen Kneads" Seymour Mercantile Co. Seymour, Tx
76              1 Gallon Western Crock Jug with Brown Top, Chip On Base
77              Soap Stone Vase with Flowers
78              Soap Stone Vase & Match Holder all In One with Flowers
79              Paper Weight with Pair of Geese Flying Over Water
80              Green Swirl Flower Paper Weight, Stamped St. Clair
81              Orange Flower Paper Weight- Unmarked
82              Crock Water Bottle/ Warmer- Stamped on Bottom
83              Wire Basket with Zinc Canning Lids
84              Griswold/ Wagner Ware Cast Iron Pot- No Lid 5 quart
85              Farm Bureau Wooden Square Yard Stick
86              10 Gallon Unmarked Elephant Ear Crock- Rough Handles Some Spider Web On Side
87              6 Gallon Western Crock
88              1 Gallon Western Crock Jug with Brown Top
89              Salesman Sample of Loom- Needs TLC
90              Group of Lightning Bulbs; Milk Glass, Purple & Blue
91              Pair of Preserve Crock Jars with Lids
92              Soap Stone Figure of Cats
93              Soap Stone Figure of Man on Lion
94              Oriental Woman Figurine on Metal Base Holding Swivel Mirror- Gold Color Base Marked Golden Mfg Co- Chicago
95              Western Crock Jug with Brown Top- Good Shape
96              2 Gallon Red Wing Crock Small Spider Web & Some Staining
97              6 Gallon Western Crock with Bale Handles, Missing 1 Bale, Spider Web on Bottom
98              Crescent Macaroni & Cracker Co Tin with Paper Label 11x11x11
99              Pair of Pint Jars: The Mason Green with Glass Top Lid & Crown Jar with Crown Glass Lid
100            Pint and 1/2 Gallon Sized Mason Jar Pat 1858 with Port on Reverse with Zinc Lids
101            Green Mason Jar Pat 1858 with Zinc Lid
102            Unmarked Blue Band Crock Pitcher Chip On lip & Roughness on Rim
103            Cast Iron & Enamel Spittoon
104            Crystal Glass No. 3 Top Wall Mount Coffee Grinder no Catch Cup
105            Hercules Powder Wood Advertising Box
106            Hi-Power Small Arms Ammunition Wood Advertising Box
107            Jar of Old Swirl Marbles with a Couple of Clay Marbles
108            Quart & 1/2 Gallon Mason Jars with Zinc Lid Pat 1858 with British Cross Symbol
109            Pair of Amber Jars Man-eta Cocoa Boston with Zinc Lids
110            Green Masons 1858 2qt and Mason "Red" with Key Symbol Quart Jar both with Zinc Lids
111            Group of 3 Ball/Mason Jars 2- 1/2 Gallon & 1- Qt Size "The Ball" Masons Jar Pat 1858 with Zinc Lids
112            Rug Beater
113            5 Gallon Western Crock Hairline Crock on Back Side
114            5 Gallon Red Wing Crock Small Wing, Pat 1915, Missing 1 Bail With Star Crock Lid
115            Beehive Crock Jug- Unmarked- Good Shape
116            2 Gallon Beehive Crock Jug- Unglazed Marked with Stamp- Des Moines, IA
117            Large Lot of Postcards: Holiday & Destinations
118            Group of 3 Amber Colored Lightning Jars with Glass Lids
119            Single Drawer Hand Crank Coffee Grinder
120            Roseville Snowberry Vase, Double Handle
121            Rheinstein Ironstone Bowl & Pitcher- Bowl Has Chip
122            Group of 4: Clear- Marked Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound; Green-Marked & Saxhner's Bilterguelle (Hunyadi Janos); Another Green Unmarked & Amber Bottle with Stopper
123            Monmouth 1 Gallon (?) Crock with Brush Glazed Inside Bottom Stamped
124            Building Plaque S.C. Hunter's Iron Works, Atlantic, IA
125            Brown Crock Jug with Bail Handle (damaged) Unmarked Chip in Lid
126            Westko Buttermilk Feeder with Tray- Tray has some Hairlines, Small Chip in Top
127            Westko Buttermilk Feeder No Base and Flat Top
128            2 Gallon Western Water Cooler with Spout & Lid and Bail Handles Cooler Looks Good Some Spider Webs On Lid
129            Warwick Hand Painted Vase- Cracking 15inches
130            Golden Moon Cherries Jar with Original Paper Label
131            Pair Advertising Bottle: Scott's Emulsion & Henry Vieregg- Grand Island, NE
132            Cantrell & Cochrane's Aerated Water's- Dublin & Belfast Rounded Bottom Bottle
133            Unmarked Paper Weight with Flower & 2 Bee's
134            Stamped Artist Paper Weight Iridescent Purple Color's
135            Unmarked Tin Felix the Cat Wind up Toy- Needs Work
136            1/2 Gallon Western Crock Jug with Brown Top, Good Shape
137            1970's Lava Lamp- Works
138            Small Soap Stone Figure of 5 Monkeys
139            Stone Carved Pot with Lion Heads & Cover with Lion Head
140            Wood Base with Light Green Carved Flower & Bird Figurine
141            Falstaff Beer Bottle
142            Pair of Masons 2Qt Jars Pat 1858 with Zinc lid & CS Design
143            The Marion Jar- Mason's Pat 1858 with Zinc Lid
144            Pair of Bail Jars with Zinc Lids 1 Green 1 Blue
145            Reid Murdoch & Co. Jar & Standard Jar
146            Fairy Soda Crackers Biscuit Tin with Original Paper Label 11x11x11
147            Roseville (?) Florentine Pattern Bowl
148            Pair of Blue Swirl Pots 1 with Lid
149            Pair of Amber Jars 1 Marked Globe & Lightning with Glass Lids
150            Country Cottage Scene Print Marked F.W.W 1850
151            Farm House Painting on Wood in Ornate Gold Gilded Frame (Rough)
152            Canvas Print of Stag By Waterfall By F. Kraus Stamped Tarbendrucky R. Steinbeck. Berlin- Repair Work Done to Canvass
153            Jos Hoover & Sons Philadelphia Copyright 1897 Winter Scene Church Print- Some Water Damage on Bottom
154            Dog & Lamb Framed Print
155            New York Life Insurance Company Advertising Print/Lithograph by Kelterlinus, Philadelphia- Artist Lawrence Wilbur "The Shore"
156            Group of Vintage Glasses, Some in Cases Others For Parts- Some Gold & Gold Filled
157            Pint Size Preserve Crock with Zinc Lid Made by Macomb Pottery
158            Pint Size Preserve Crock with Zinc Lid Made by Macomb Pottery
159            Pint Size Preserve Crock with Zinc Lid Made by Macomb Pottery
160            Pint 1/2 Size Preserve Crock with Zinc Lid Made by Macomb Pottery
161            Pint 1/2 Size Preserve Crock with Zinc Lid Made by Macomb Pottery
162            Unique Brown Colored Water Cooler Crock with Ice Holder on Top- Deep Brown Inside Glaze- Unmarked
163            2 Gallon Western Crock Jug with Brown Top
164            3 Gallon Western Crock- Chip out of Lip
165            2 Gallon Red Wing Crock Large Wing- Good Shape Normal Ware
166            6 Gallon Western Crock with Bail Handles Bails Rough but Good Shape
167            12 Gallon Western Crock Cracked Bottom
168            Group of Sleigh Bells on Leather Strap- Strap Rough
169            Hyray Blue Glass Battery Case
170            Philco Blue Glass Battery Case
171            Olive Green Bail Perfect Mason Jar with Zinc Lid
172            Green Bail Perfect Mason Jar with Zinc Lid
173            Green & Blue 1/2 Gallon Mason's Jar with Zinc Lids Pat 1858
174            Mason's 1/2 Gallon Jars with Zinc Lids Pat 1858
175            Group of 3 Mason Jars with Zinc Lids
176            Miniature Portable Paper Roller
177            Round Hand Made Wood Box with Flip Lid & Handle- Unique
178            Seth Thomas Mantel Clock with Key
179            H. Ehrlich & Sons Mfg. Co. St. Joseph Mo No U-4 Pennsylvania Scale with Pan
180            Toddler's Seated Rocking Horse on Stand with Park Paint- Good Condition
181            3 Gallon Red Wing Butter Churn with Large Wing- Lid no Damper
182            2 Gallon  Red Wing Butter Churn with Large Wing with Lid and Damper
183            2 Gallon Hand Turned Onion Skin Crock with Elephant Ear Handles Mold Mark on Front
184            Group of 5 Lighting Bulbs- Milk Glass & Amethyst
185            Oil on Canvass Portrait Painting of Man Oval Shape- No Frame- Cracking
186            Beveled Mirror Hat & Coat Rack
187            Wooden Childs/ Toddler Cradle
187A          4 Legged Spindle Center Marble Plant Stand with Scalloped Edges
188            4 Legged Lamp Table- Walnut/Oak with Center Finial
189            Oak- Stick n Ball Type Reclinable Glider Rocker
190            6 Piece Spoon Carved Design Cushioned Living Room Set: Love Seat, Rocker, Armed Side Chair, Foot Rest & 2 Side Chairs with Red and Gold Velvet Covering
191            Cylinder Desk with Glass Door Upper Bookcase Single Drawer & Lower Storage with Brass & Porcelain Knobs
192            Gentleman's Dresser with Glove Boxes Swivel Mirror with Candle Holders & 3 Drawers
193            4 Shelf Globe Wernicke Barista Case with Single Drawer Base
194            4 Shelf Globe Wernicke Barista Case on Stand Base
195            Large Size Spinning Wheel- Has Parts- Needs TLC
196            Original Frosted Door Window
197            Stained Glass Window Panel
198            Twisted Gold Iron Pitcher & Bowl Shaving Stand with Mirror, Soap Holder and Hat Holder & Lower Shelf with Porcelain Pitcher & Bowl
199            Wash Stand Cabinet Single Drawer with Single Door
200            4 Shelf Curved Front Curio Cabinet
201            Spindle/ Bent Wood Rocker- Needs Back & Seat
202            Beautiful Walnut 8' Pier Mirror with Single Drawer & Marble Slab
203            Wardrobe- Double Door with Inside Drawers and Hanging Rod
204            Tin Faced Grand Father Clock with Key Wind & 3 Weights
205            Hall Tree with Mirror, Hat Holder, Single Drawer and Umbrella Holders Marble Top
206            Gentleman's Dresser with Burl Walnut Inserts, Pedestal Candle Holders on Swivel Mirror Marble Center, 2 Glove Boxes & 3 Drawers with Brass Pulls
207            4 Drawer Walnut Dresser with Dual Column Decoration in Front
208            6 Drawer High Boy Dresser with Glove/Lingerie Drawers
209            Spindle Leg Butcher Block
210            3 Legged Corner Chair- Bent Wood
211            Metal Plant Stand with Marble Insert & Lower Shelf
212            Brass Base Floor Lamp with Alacite Decoration, Twisted Metal Pole with Parrot Head Light Holder
213            Heavy Metal Base Lamp with Shaker Style Slag Glass Lamp Shade, 1 Cracked Section & 1 Top Section Missing, Lamp Works
214            Pedestal Base Lamp with Pot Metal Mushroom Shaped Shade Lined with Light Green Slag Glass Curved for Shade. Shade Top Reconstructed, - Lamp Works
215            Woven Based Lamp with Dome Shaped Metal & Brown Slag Glass Shape- Works
216            Beautiful Reverse Painted Poppy Pattern Shade Signed by Gazo Foudji with Green Painted Poppy Molded Base, Lamp Works
217            Hanging Chain Lamp Converted to Electric with Milk Glass Shade & Crystal Prisms
218            General Quick-Aid Brass Fire Extinguisher- Made into Lamp

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This gallery is miscellaneous items which will be sold randomly across this weekend sale.

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