Pellersels Antique & Collectible Auction – Saturday, May 5, 2018 – 10:00AM

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Auction Location:

Younger Auction Gallery,
312 E. South Hills Dr,
Maryville, MO

Pellersels Antique & Collectible Auction


Featuring - Indian Artifacts, Cast Iron Door Stops, Vintage Duck Decoy’s, Fishing Lures, Old Ammo Boxes, Unique Northwood Carnival Glass Pieces, Advertising Tins, Vintage Fisher Price Toys, Furniture and More.

Also Featuring Items from Wilbur Adams Such As:
Modern Collectibles, Appliances & Electronics, Modern Furniture, Tools, Outdoor, Lawn & Garden and More.

Saturday, May 5, 2018 10:00AM

Gallery and Listing - All Items Sell This Auction Day

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Pellersels Gallery


Adams Gallery


Pellersels Listing


Jack in the Music Box - works - by Mattel, Inc 1971
Fisher Price Happy Apple Pat. Pend. Made USA 435
Lot Small top - mini mouse, goofy - gumby, pokey, Pluto weeble wobble
Fisher Price little snoopy pull toy "made USA "65" ; Pat Canada 1968
Fisher Price "Jalopy" 724 made US
Burger King Toy "kids club" surfing goofy & dopey (Disney)
Small fisher price lunch box with silo thermos - missing lid "male east aurora W.Y
Fisher price turtle pull toy 773 made US East Aurora W.Y
Fisher Price Jack & Jill Music Box Pocket Radio 772 Made US
Plastic UPS Truck - China Made
Marvel Super heroes - Spiderman Flashlight - original package
Cardboard Game Pinball "Trophy Hunt, Model NO 172"
Xylophone small Wood Frame - flip up stand
Large Vintage. Tudor Xylophone
2 US Metal Toy MFG Co- metal party horns
Play Iron by Wolverine Made US -frayed cord
Play Iron Sunnie Miss - yellow flowers
Play Iron " Sunnie Miss" pink rainbow - Ohio Art
Play Iron Playtime Top - Red US made
5 Pez Dispensers - Kermit, Pebbles, Mickey, Dino, Woodstock - Made in Slovenia
Standing Metal Shoot Til-U-Win - Ohio Art
Standing Metal Cork gallery - plastic targets o knickerbocker target
3 new in package "Chief - O - Bow - Torp - Oklahoma City OK
Margo Cosmetic Kit - Save a label Club
Children Stationary Kit original package Japan
Official Olympic Timer Set - original package Japan
Jacks & Dice
New Years Clanger Toy "US metal toy"
Motorized Toy Finger Spinner
Child Toy Sand Bucket - J Chein & Co - USA made
Lot of Wood Blocks
Set 2 Snoopy/Charlie Brown Divided Melamine "PECO" plate & bowl
Childs Folding Iron Board - metal - missing pad


Hopalong Cassidy "Compass wrist band "1950" original card
Hopalong Cassidy Paper Fan. Advert. For Bond Bread
Hopalong Cassidy Button pin
Pluto Bank - movable arm - plastic missing bottom plug
tin race can "champion on trunk" made in Japan
tin race can :44 Germany on sides" Made in Japan
tin small police car "chief"" on top made in Japan 6544
Mar X Toy- fire truck tin- and plastic - battery operated - Made US
Canvas stuffed toy of boy Greezix
Small shell gas truck with tanker 549 -Japan - self propelled
Small Tin Toy - Made Japan
Larger, Tin Windup Car 424 on bumper Marx - missing top, works Made US
Large Toy Tin Dump Truck
Junior Typewriter - original box by Marx Made US
Tin Fire Dept. Station Wagon "Chief on top" self propelled
Tin yellow dump truck Structo by Ertl Toys
Metal Blue Farm Truck - rough
Pot Metal yellow/green Dump Truck - "Structo " missing tail
Aluminum Fire Truck - SLIK Toys- MFD by Lansing IA
Small Metal Blue Flatbed Truck
Red Metal / plastic - thunderbird - A.M.T Inc. Birmingham Mich.
Small Tin Car by Tootsie Toy "Mercedes 1905" Chicago IL
Die Cast - small Green Convertible car " Tootsie Toy - Chicago IL" Trail Hitch
Die Cast Truck (blue) tootsie toy
Plastic Green Truck "Auburn" 513
Plastic Yellow truck "Auburn" Safe play toy
Metal Red Fire Truck "Merryweather Marquis" Dinky Toy - made in England
Tin German Made
Tin pull back plane - Douglas XF 4D-1-Japan
Green Tin self propelled tank "MF-721"
Wind Up Express Cruiser boat 3-341
Childs Toy sewing machine "Sew Master Blue" - wood base, needs work
Metal Toy Top "nursery rhymes" works "Chein Play Thing"
Metal Toy Top Circus scene -broke- Ohio Art - Bryan OH USA
Metal Wind Up baby boy - pant fall down-
Wind Up Standing Monkey - rough
Wind Up Sawing Bear Bobble Head
Wind Up Cymbals Monkey - missing base
Battery Operated Panda Drinking Soda
Small Metal Nurse
Small Ceramic Groom Made Japan
Wind up Train - Honeymoon Cottage- Marx & Company
3 mini wind up mercury boat motors
Toy Evinrude Motor - missing parts
Metal Toy Cork Cannon USA
Mini Cannon " Valley Forge"
Hopalong Cassidy - leather belt - horse shoe with toy pennant
Toy Cap Gun "Pet" Hubley -single cap
Toy Cap Gun "Smokey" -corrosion - single cap
Toy Cap Gun plastic handle - holds rolls - works
2 Wooden Tops
Asst Badges Children's - Minneapolis special police - detective
2 Frog clickers small & large - one Japan
Play Toy metal stop sign - orange in color
Assorted Small Metal Cars some Tootsie Toy - one matchbox
Chalk Mickey Mouse


Green Metal Nylnt Corp. Rockford IL Trailer
Ertl Trailer - missing sides
International Harvester Small Tractor "3025"
Ertl Company Tractor - Dyersville IA
Small 2 Bottom Plow Metal
Ertl Pull Type Mower missing bar - Dyersville IA
Small Red Harrow


Mr. Peanut plastic cup with handle US made
Salesman Sample Trash Can - Chief Metal ware - Northwest Metal Products Co WA USA
Brass(?) Horsehoe Advertisement - Simmons Liver Regulator Horse Shoe
Hires Root Beer Extract Original Box
Tin for Ginger "Stur-dee" 16 oz canister- red
Malt Whiskey Bottle Cork Top Duffy Malt Whiskey Company
Green Twist Top Jar - Juice & Water Marked
Red Cardboard Cinnamon Canister "Stur-Dee" Brand
Shedd's Peanut Butter Bucket - missing lid
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Box Almond
Peter Paul "Almond Joy Box"
Peter Paul "Powerhouse" candy bar box
Behr Process liquid raw-hide clear wood finish canister
State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup Can with handle
Armour's "Calf Brans" Tub
Shedd's Peanut Butter Bucket - with lid
Bag original package sealed Dukes Mixture Smoking Tobacco - Ligget n Myers Tobacco Co
Miller Highlife Beer. Small Tray - Duck Motif
Tin Sanfords Ink Eraser - Bottles Included
Hinged Tin Edgeworth Plug Tobacco - small blue box
Philip Morris Tobacco Tin Round
Tin Advert Cup Cow Minatare Measure Cup
Velvet Pipe and Cigarette Tin
DuPont Smokeless Powder Tin - green paper
Sixteen screw top Clove Tin
Solox General Solvent Canister
Haupt-Manns - Cigars Tin with lid
Union Leader Cut Plug - rectangle hinged low handle- lid Tobacco Tin
Top Cigarette Tobacco - round with lid - yellow
Revelation Smoking Mixture Pipe Tobacco Tin - hinged
2 Piper Heidsieck Chewing Tobacco - hinged
Pioneer Brand "Golden Flake Cavendish" - hinged lid
Union Leader Cut Plug - hinged lid tin - small
Dutch Masters Cigar Tin
Advertisement on wood "Blue Goose Westside Tomatoes
Framed Mallard Picture Advertisement for -Baseball Inn - Thermometer & 1950 Calendar
Glass on Canvas Thermometer "Brummund Service" Winside NE
Mexene Chili Powder Advertisement Can
Fresh Peanuts 5₵ Advertisement Box
Planters Cocktail Peanuts Advertisement Can
2 Calumet Baking Powder Advertisement Cans - 1 Big, 1 Small
Kroger Cinnamon Stick Advertisement Tin -small
Dainty Brand Cloves Advertisement Tin - small
Cap Brand Cloves Advertisement Tin - small
Eight O'clock Coffee Adv. Tin Bank - small
Schilling Mustard Adv. Tin - small
Rawleighs Ginger Adv. Tin - large
Gourmet "Stur -dee" All-spice Adv. Cardboard Can - large
Stephens Tire Mart mini tape measure (Maryville & St. Joe)
Joe Towners Chapel Photo card Calendar
Nature's Remedy Mini Car Calendar
Farmers Bank of Polo 1943; Breeding Record and Calendar N/O Stock
Five Brothers Plug Tobacco Case w/ pipe smoking tobacco
Lot 3 motor oil cans : Zephyr, Napa, Texaco
Metal Can Basket Holder "Gulf"
Notre Dame Metal Ink Well
Gays Tire & Battery Ashtray
Sweet Heart Toilet Soap - original package, torn
Lee Dungarees 1889 Buddy Lee Bobble head
Monarch Powder Spice Shaker & Paprika - Stickney & Poors
Lot 4 mini milk jugs - 2 clear, 1 dirty clear Horlicks, 1 blue Horlicks - 2 malted milk?
Blue & White mini rum jug w/ cprl - Pusser's Rum
Lot 3 Sunshine Brand Coffee Mason Jars w/ Zinc Lids; 1 Glass Lid
Champion Radio - Sparkplug- works, battery operated


Plastic Bank of Donald Duck - Walt Disney - made by "Play Pal Plastics Inc" missing plug
Toy Bank "Commonwealth Three Coin" Pat Sept 19th 1905 - Mar 9th 1915
Composite - Barrel Bank - Clown Top - by James Cindy Company
Small Metal Globe Bank - dent in top
Silver Tone baby bank
Metal Elephant Bank - Wixon 68
Metal Humphrey Huskie - 68 Democrat
4 Lincoln Bank Bottle Clear jars
1910 Peoples Bank & Trust Automobile Piggy Bank
Hopalong Cassidy Bank - First National Bank
Metal Shoe Piggy Bank - Leonard, Silver-plate Marking
"In Case of Emergency .." Piggy Bank "A.L Hirsch
Navy Soldier Figurine Piggy Bank
Black Rooster Metal Bank


Unusual Wood Compact Mirror w/ Carved Dog on Front
Lot of 8 Pepsi Collector Series Glasses - Warner Bros & Walt Disney
One Miss Piggy - Henson Associates Inc 1989 Glass
One 7-Up glass - upside down
Brown Rooster Cookie Jar
5 Assorted Drinking Glasses - snoopy, bugs -daffy, smurf
Garfield Mugs 4 - McDonalds
Tan Lunch Box - people scenery "the American Thermos Bottle Co" - thermos missing
Thompson's Double Malted Milk enamel canister - missing lid
Flour Sifter - apples on side
Chasko Electric Fudge Warmer - Food Producers Inc.
2 Artist Sketch Pad Calendars - one 1947, one says Maryville MO
Coca Cola Tote Bag
2 Brass Scales one German one New York
2 Edison Record Advertisement Cans - w/ cartridge
St. Joe - Grand Island RR Tool/ RR Tie
Walt Disney (Donald Duck) Wall Plug
Swans Down Cake flour metal measuring cup
Stained Glass Wall Plug Night Light - 1983 Gallery Art Glass Inc. - Oakland CA
Wooden Rat Trap - Brown Camp HDW. Co - Des Moines IA
Lot 5 small Copper & Metal Cowbells
Travel Lodge Poster Advertisement - postcard 1959
Collins Service Station -photo card w/ mini calendar & Frank Weible General Merchandise - phot card
Lot 5 Hopalong Cassidy Bond Bread Cards 1950's
Kit Carson Cap Pistol 50 shot - copyright 1974 - original package
2 Blade pocket knife
Trumpet Pocket Knife
Cheatham Electric Switching Device Co. - letter opener
Grey Craft mini pots & pans set - original box- slightly worn
Plastic Cream Handled Antique Razor w/ blade
Hopalong Cassidy Watch - missing half wristband
Brass Protractor 2"
Glueks green mug
Lot 7 Assorted Dinosaur Welches Glasses - 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex, 2 Brontosaurus, 1 Stegosaurus, 1 Pterodactyl
Lot 5 Glass Comic Cups - 1 Charlie Brown, 1 Mickey Mouse, 1 Dumbo, 1 Buzz Lightyear & 1 Goofy
Metal Model Motorcycle
Metal Figurine Boy
Beehive Smoker
Wooden Butter Pat w/ flower design
Lot 3 Wooden "Meat Tenderizer/Tomato Masher" Mallet
Walt Disney "A Bugs Life" Glass
Whataburger Nickel Coffee Mug
Glass Boot w/ Duck & Gun Vase - Inarco Japan
Lot 4 jugs - 1 St. Paul Pottery, 1 SAE Syracuse 1957 plain, 1 Platte Valley - small 1/2 pints
Big Thompson Canyon Colorado Thermometer Statue - broken, no glass
Lot 2 wooden Price Card Files Pat. July 30, 1912
"Lot 8 Wooden cigar boxes hand made into buildings - 1 Black Smith Shop, 1 Power House (Paper Towel Holder),
1 ""Ye Old Mill"""
Antique Desk Lamp with Glass Bulbs - tree design, log cabin, brass? Base- milk glass shade
Wooden Native American Chief Head
Bag of Metal Spoons - Onrado "PAR Pluto
Desk Lamp Dancing Man & Woman base "Made in Occupied Japan"
Silver & Glass Teapot Salt & Pepper Shakers
Bronze Candy Dish w/ animal design 3671B - top is loose
Lot 2 Blue Atlas Mason Jars w/ zinc lids
White Glass Fruit Juicer/ Pitcher & Handle
Metal Silver Model Stove - Royal
Grand Champion Gelding Trophy w/ wooden base - American Quarter Horse Assoc. - Wichita KS
Ceramic Doll w/ jointed arms - Japan
Vintage Metal Alarm Clock - wind up? - Amazon
Schafer 1842 Tin Mug
Bobble head Howdy Duty -
Plastic Aunt Jemima Syrup Dispenser & Aunt Jemima man Salt & Pepper Shaker
Lot 2 (1 small, 1 big) pot metal trinket holder
Japanese Trinket Holder painted w/ marking
Lot 2 Cow Bells; 1 with leather strap & 1 mini cow bell
Lot 2 Kerosene Railroad Lamps ( 1 big, 1 small)
small resigme paper of stag- "Hartford Life" 1963
Lot Dog Key Chain "El Rancho" Pilger NE 1906 Dog Tag
Childs Whistle & Oscar Meyer Weinie Whistle
2 Rosettes horse & Man/ Helmet
Assorted Toy Clickers - 1 Chevrolet, 1 spinner "De - Reu's Clothings - Moline IL
Assorted Post Cards "Coming Out Tonight - 1910" - 2 packets of souvenir cards
Glass Oil Jar w/ Metal Spout
House of Johnny Cash Autograph Book -original envelope
Bottle Cardboard Coller w/ Glass Bottle


1865 Union Soldier Photograph Oval - damaged frame
1 Cannon Ball
Lot 2 Union & Confederate Metal Figurines
2 sets old envelopes Americana, 1 - C.S.A Confederate 1863-1864 Civil War Envelope w/ 2 types of C.S.A Stamps Combined as one


Pocket Fisherman "PoPeiL" Spin Casting Outfit
Sure Shot Game Calls "Goose 930" Groves TX wood plastic end
Sure Shot Goose Call Groves TX wood
Sure Shot Squirrel Call - Groves TX - wood
Sure Shot Predator Call - Groves TX - wood
Hoosier, Crow Call - wood
Faulks Goose Call - Luke Charles LA - large wood
Circe - Bobcat, Coyote - Fox green plastic
Faulks H-10 Hawk Call Luke Charles - wood
Unmark Call - wood
Wood Posted Sign
Lot 4 NO Hunting Signs
8 Color Assortment of Duck Coasters
Duck Stamp $2 June 30, 1951
Duck Stamp $1 Style No. GK 102a RW 12 June 30, 1948
Duck Stamp $1 Void After June 30,1946
Duck Stamp RW4 - June 30 1948
Prowl Busc/Sil fishing lure
Bag 3 small wooden fishing lures - center hinge
Large fish w/ double hooks fishing lure - weighted
3 triple hook - medium- Fishing Lures & one small double hook fishing lure
"Count Down" Minnow double hook fishing lure - original box
"Heddon" Meadow Mouse floating diving fishing lure - original box
South Bend Bass - Oreno - double hook fishing lure - wood, original box
Lot wood - 1 triple hook, 2 double hook fishing lures
Bomber Lure 1 double hook fish lure - original box
2 Boss - Oreno - double hook fish lure - both original box
Bomber Water Dog $1.50 double hook lure - original box
2 Devils Horse lures - original boxes
Brooks Baits "Brooks Reefer" double hook lure - original box
Paul Bunyan's 66" Lure - original box
TNY Torp fishing lure GR Rubb..
Zara SPK fishing lure - DRK GR SC
TNY Torp BL/GRSC fishing lure
SPK FL fishing lure
Zara SPK YEL SH fishing lure'
2 double hook fishing lures in package
SH MgE BL fishing lure
2 Huffman fish weights
Colored plastic duck fishing lure
Red & White double hook fishing lure -hinged middle
Pikie Minnow triple hook fishing lure - glitter sides
Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker - double hook lure
Dis.. Double hook lure - green horse hair tails
Metal Fish Hook "2 Fred Arbogast"
Heddon Fishing lure (in bubble wrap) "The Crazy Crawler"
Heddon & Dowagiac lure - original box - "Flaptail"
Bomber lures 215 - double hook lure - original box
Al. Foss Pork Rind Minnow Lure - original tin box (rusty/faded)
Container 4 small fishing lures - 2 Heddon Brand
CR CRWL 1 3/4" fishing lure
Black Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker - double hook lure
Red & Yellow - wooden & metal fish weight
Heddon Tiny Runt fish lure
Original Heddon Zara Spook fish lure w/ rattle
Heddon Zara - Charlie Campbell fish lure
Heddon Chugger Jr. fish lure
Yellow, Red Dotted fish lure
Red, Black Dotted fish lure
Green, Yellow fish lure
Heddon Crazy Crawler double hook fish lure
Pink/Red Yellow Heddon River Runt Spook Sinker
Silver Wooden/Metal Fish weight
Vintage Wood Duck Decoy (Mallard) Swivel Head - glass eye
Vintage Wood Duck Decoy (Mallard) Swivel Head - weighted
Vintage Wood Duck Decoy - glass eyes - weighted
Vintage Wood Duck Decoy - made by C.F.W MAAS -1915
Vintage Cork/Wood Base Duck Decoy -glass eye - has weight
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy - swivel neck w/ weight
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy - glass eye
Vintage wooden Duck Decoy - swivel head
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy - glass eye
Wooden Duck Decoy - glass eyes - great condition - Herter S Ing. 1893
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy - glass eyes - crack in neck #NO 8
Vintage Wooden Duck - weighted, carved
Vintage Wooden Duck - glass eye
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy - leather back - swivel head- comes off for flat storage
Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy -swivel - cork? Body
Vintage Duck Decoy - weighted
Duck Decoy - glass eyes - cork? Body "WWA"
Duck Decoy - wood body - metal tack eyes - heavy


Cast Iron Yellow Basket / white flowers - green background handle - door stop
Cast Iron Rusty Basket blue pearl white yellow roses - door stop
Cast Iron Green base / white basket handle ribbon pink red rose & yellow white flowers - door stop
Cast Iron Yellow Basket / handle pink blue yellow flowers - light weight- door stop
Cast Iron Door Stop - House #45
Cast Iron Door Stop - White Vase w/ Black Bse and Roses
Cast Iron Door Stop - Wide Weaved Basket w/ Roses
Cast Iron Door Stop - Wide Basket w/ Green bow #1259
Cast Iron Door Stop - Small White Flower Basket w/ Red Base #42
Cast Iron Door Stop - Blue Vase w/ Tulips
Cast Iron Door Stop - Yellow & White Basket of Flowers
Cast Iron Door Stop - Yellow & Green Bowl Vase w/ Flowers
Cast Iron Door Stop - Small Red Flowers w/ Blue Base # 1990
Cast Iron Door Stop - Yellow Basket w/ Red Base
Brass? Dancing Lady Doorstop


2 Hand Painted Rose Candle Stick Holders with handle West 1964
Set 2 Glass Shakers - Flour/Cocoa Tin Red Lids
"Lot 2 pint Zinc Lids Mason Jars - 1 Ball brand, blue - 1 Atlas Brand
2 quart - 1 w/o zinc lid Atlas, Drey ; 1 half gallon w/ zinc lid"
Lot 18 red sketched souvenir glasses "Emma" 1904 cup cracked
Group of 3 Carnival amethyst cups ; 2 w/ lovebird design - 1 with fish - Marked Northwood
"Lot Amethyst pitcher w/ leaf grape design Northwood marking &
Aurora/Amethyst Carnival Glass bowl (scratches inside bottom)"
"Lot 2 assorted toothpick cups carnival glass - 1 orange hue w/ bird design -
1 blue hue w/ leaf design - 1 green hue w/ berry design"
1 purple hue "candy dish" basket
1 pink hue carnival glass vase - small crack in base -Northwood marking
Lot 2 Marigold Pressed Glass candy dishes - cracked bottoms - Northwood marking
Lot 6 Marigold Pressed Glass Cups - Northwood marking
Marigold Vase w/ berry design Northwood marking
Large Marigold Bowl - Northwood Marking - crack in edge
1 Carnival Glass dish w/ handle
1 Carnival Glass candy dish w/ bird design
Lot 2 Marigold Candlestick Holders
Green Hue Glass Candlestick Holder
Lot 4 white mugs, 2 Hopalong Cassidy, 1 Davy Crockett, 1 Ranger Joe
Lot 2 Fenton Vaseline Glass Opalescent Rose Bowl; 1 yellow, 1 blue
Lot Set of 3 yellow Ceramic Bowls w/ apple design; 2 Pitchers - Framers Union CO-OP Gas Co.
Pink & White Jewelry Holder w/ man & woman design Kim Originals ARDCO
White Davy Crockett Plate
Glass - hinged - Spice Holder - blue w/ red painted flowers
Blue Shirley Temple Glass Mug
Pair of Cranberry w/ white striped Glass Hat Vases
Lot 3 Japanese Float Balls - 2 blue, 1 Green
Lot Cream & Sugar Holders blue w/ gold design, both have slight crack on inside
Lot 2 fish design w/ golden rim plates & 1 platter
Lot 6 mini custard "berry bowls" - 1 large bowl, 1 cream pitcher w/ green & red design
Large Clear Hen & Nest Glass
Lot 2 white medium glass Hen & Nest
Lot 1 medium glass Hen & Nest w/ red comb & 1 small Hen & Nest w/ inclusion in top lid
Small Deep Bowl w/ Game Birds - Royal Staffordshire Ceramic Stamp
Ridged Ceramic Green Sponge Ware Bowl - green/tan & brown spotted
Green & Tan Spotted Sponge Ware Pitcher
Lot 2 Amber Orange Glass toothpick holders - pressed glass
Moose Creamer marking on bottom?
Cream w/ Gold flower & legs "berry dish"
Lot 2 small glass mugs - 1 Little Boy Blue & 1 Simple Simon - "KSP England
Brown, Green, Tan Sponge Pitcher - big, glass
Spice Containers & Holder - Griffins, red
Blue & Tan Sponge ware Pitcher
Pink Hobnail Vaseline Vase
Pink & White Diamond Design Vase
Fenton Blue Holly Bowl - Carnival Glass
Extremely Rare Carnival Glass - orange & white hue, w/ fish design vase
Northwood 3 Fruits Medallion - Footed Green Bowl
Marigold Glass w/ Grape Leaf Design
Northwood Grape & Coble Pitcher - Marigold
Lot Yellow Hue Pitcher w/ diamond design - pressed glass & 4 yellow/gold hue cups w/ diamond design
Northwood Good luck Bowl Pie Crust Edge
Northwood Peacock & Urn Ice Cream Bowl - purple
Northwood Peacock on Fence Pie Crust Edge
Northwood Peacock & Urn Ice Cream Bowl - Marigold
Lot 2 Blue Crock Bowls - 1 Big, 1 Small
Lobster Leaf Dish #872
Tan & Blue Leaf Ceramic Piece
Vintage Beverage/Drink Shot maker w/ 6 shot glasses
Small Lidded Preserve Crock w/ handle - tan
Big Tan Preserve Crock w/ dark brown top - Ferndell Mince Meat
Clear Paper Weight w/ Blue/Lavender Swirl Design - brown teakwood ? Stand/base
Yellow Press Glassed Salt?
Souvenir Custard Toothpick Holder - Fort Dodge IA
Green Depression Salt & Pepper Shakers
Mouse Paper Weight w/ white stripes & aurora color
Pear Green & Clear Glass Paper Weight - Lenox
Clear Glass Bear Paper Weight w/ blue hue
2 Clear Candies - 1 Tank & 1 Jeep
Lot 7 Carnival Amethyst Glasses w/ Berry & Leaf design & Large Carnival Amethyst Glass? Pitcher w/ Northwood marking
Lot 9 Marigold Glass Cups & Marigold Pitcher w/ butterfly leaf design
Marigold Candy Dish w/swirl design
Orange Hue Candy Dish w/ white pie crust deep edge
Orange Hue Shallow Candy Dish w/ white pie crust edge -white undertone & flowers
Orange/Pink Hue Candy Dish w/ diamond design and white edges with legs
Medium Carnival Amethyst Glass ? Candy Dish w/ leaf berry design
Green Ceramic w/ pink flowers - hand painted
Glass Mason Jar Chicken Waterer/Feeder
"Lot 1 small Knox Mason Jar w/ zinc lid, 1 blue Medium Atlas Mason Jar w/ glass lid, & 1 Drey Mason Jar
large w/ zinc lid"
Glass Tea Jar w/ metal lid small & large Coffee Glass Jar w/ metal lid
Blown multi-colored class vase
Glass Vaseline Bottle w/ copper lid - pear design
White Flowered Sugar Shaker
Small Cream Colored Lenox Vase w/ flower design & gold rims
2 stone (iron ware) pitchers - apple/leaf - 1 Farmers Union - small chigger
small Fenton Hobnail Vaseline Decanter
Candy Dish yellow/Vaseline Hobnail/twisted handle
Millersburg Holy Bowl - "scarce Radium iridescent amethyst"
Milk/ custard glass lid - hand painted tree & log cabin
Salt & Pepper Shakers 2 pair blue w/copper tops - 1 pink pressed glass
2 pair Salt & Pepper Shakers - blue & pink tin lids
2 pair Salt & Pepper Shakers - blue & pink/green tin lids
2 pair Salt & Pepper Shakers - blue & pink tin lids
2 pair Salt & Pepper Shakers - blue & pink/green tin & copper lids
1 small yellow/white vase
small flat dish/lid oriental motif
3 Toothpicks on white, slag & milk blue
2 Toothpicks - 1 stag pressed glass hat, woman
Assorted 4 Toothpicks -green amber /orange - 1 footed


Winchester Ranger Loaded Shot Shells 12 GA - original box
Federal Cartridge HI-Power Shot Shells - original Box
Federal Cartridge HI-Power Shot Shells 16 GA - original Box
Winchester 12 GA Ranger Trap Shot - original
Western X Pert 16 GA 2 9/16in 7 1/2 chilled shot - original box
Remington UMC 12 GA Witro Club - original box
Weatherby 7mm WM - original box, only brass inside
Mallard 12 GA sport louds box only
Extra - Range 12 GA - box only
2 Peters High Velocity Rust less Boxes only 20 GA & 16 GA
Remington Components 12 GA - box only
Carlsbad Target Load 12 GA - box only
Western Super 12 GA - box only
The Sureshot - cooppal excelsior - bore 12 - box only
Remington New Club - paper shells 12 GA - box only
ELEY special 12 GA -box only
Winchester Ranger 12 GA - box only
Remington Nitro Express 12 GA - box only
Defiance US 20 GA - box only
X- Pert Western 20 GA - box only
Winchester Ranger 12 GA - box only
Remington UMC 12 GA Nitro Club - original box
Mallard 12 GA sport load box only
X-Pert Western 12 GA 00Bulkshot - box only
Western X Pert 20 GA - box only
Weatherby .300 magnum - box only
Weatherby .224 magnum - box only
Assorted Western Air Rifle shot - Cardboard Tubes
Lot 5 Brass Large Shell Casings - small unmarked
Ruger Quality Firearms Catalog 1957
NRA Hunter Safety Handbook - copyright 1957
Winchester Jack Rabbit Target - copyright Joseph W Mehmert
J.C Higgins Assorted Paper Targets
Winchester Western 1980 Sporting Arms & Ammunition Catalog
Remington Shotguns Catalog
Winchester Western 1979 Sporting Arms .. Catalog
Shooting Adventures of "Doc" Peters Comic Book
Lot Deputy Sheriff Badge, Winchester Token, Oxpaha Pin,
Assorted small Coke Tray, small mirror ""Peters Shells & Cartridge," 2 sward picks, brass shell


1870's letter - " Department of the Interior & Envelopes
Set 2 United States Notes 3 cents & 5 cents
20 Dollar Note - Confederate State of America
100 Dollar Note - Confederate State of America
5 Dollar Note - Confederate State of America
10 Dollar Note - Confederate State of America


Lot of Indian Artifacts- loose
1 Lot Indian Artifacts glued to burlap
Asosrtment of Indian Artifacts - scraper
2 Indian Artifacts - mallets?
2 Indian Artifacts Axe - Holt & Buchanan County
3 Indian Artifacts - with holes - Butler OH
3 Indian Artifacts - possible scrapers - one Buchanan County
Indian Artifacts Axe
Indian Artifacts possible fire starter- Andrew County MO
Indian Artifacts - 3/4 full glove - Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifacts - 3/4 full glove - Andrew County MO
Indian Artifacts - 3/4 full glove - Bedford IA
Indian Artifacts - 3/4 full glove Holt County MO
Indian Artifacts - 3/4 full glove Holt County MO
Indian Artifacts - 4inch 1/4 long
Indian Artifacts - 3 inch long
Indian Artifacts - 3 1/2 inch long - Puloski, IL
Indian Artifacts - 2 1/2 in long
4 Indian Artifacts - 2 inch long& under SW - MO
Indian Artifacts -4 inch long - Jackson County MO
Indian Artifact - 3 1/2 inch long - Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifact - 3 inch long - glued on book - Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifact - 3 inch long - glued on
Indian Artifact 4 inch long
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 long -Platte County Mo
Indian Artifact 5 in long - Monroe County MO
Indian Artifact 4 1/2 long - Rulo NE
Indian Artifact 3 inch long
Indian Artifact - 4 inch long - St. Louis MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 inch long
Indian Artifact 3 1/4 inch long - Lawson MO
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 inch long
Indian Artifact 3 inch -Buchanan MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/4 long- Montgomery County MO
Indian Artifact 3 long - MO
Indian Artifact -3 long - tear drop shape
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 inch long -Nodaway County MO
2 Indian Artifact - one 2 inch, one Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 in - Andrew County MO
Indian Artifact 4 1/2 - Dunklin CO
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 - Nodaway County MO
Indian Artifact 3inch Mont Co MO
Indian Artifact 4 inch - Buchanan MO
Indian Artifact 4 1/2 - Jackson Co MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 Lafayette Co MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 Ark
Indian Artifact 6 1/2 inch Andrew County MO
Indian Artifact 5 inch
Indian Artifact 3 inch -Cole Creek County
Indian Artifact 2inch - Holt County MO
Indian Artifact 3 in -NW MO
Indian Artifact 4 1/4 inch Andrew County MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 inch Andrew County MO
Indian Artifact 3 1/2 inch Ozarks MO
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 Holt MO
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 inch Mercer
Indian Artifact 2 1/2 inch Holt MO
Indian Artifact 2 inch Jackson County MO
Indian Artifact Drill 2 1/2
Indian Artifact Drill 2 1/2 Marshall City Kentucky
Indian Artifact Drill 1 1/2 Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifact Drill 1 1/2 Buchanan County MO
Indian Artifact Drill 1 1/2 Mason OH


Adams Listing

Modern Collectible

Group of 5 Handmade Quilts
Glass 4 qt Glass Butter Churn, missing screen
Assorted Group of Hand Painted Crocks
Group of 11 Seraphim Angels
All Metal Trunk w/ Metal Inside Tray
Set of 12 Johann Haviland - Bavaria Dish Set w/ Pansy Flower Design: Plates, Salads, Small Bowls, Cups & Saucers, Covered Butter, Cream & Sugar, Oval Platter and Salt & Pepper
Contemporary Version of Coffee Grinder
Mikasa Votives
Colony Glass Vase - Romanian Glass
Approximately Set of 12-16 Onieda Community Cutlery Set I Box w/ Serving Utensils

Appliances & Electronics

Janome DC3018 Sewing Machine
Old Fashioned (looking) Emerson Radio/Cassette/Record Player

Modern Furniture

Pair of Office Chairs
Tan/Green Love Seat Sleeper Sofa
Assorted Wall Prints
Quilt Rack
4 Drawer Upright Wooden and Lockable File Cabinet
Oval Coffee Table and Hexagon Shaped Side Table with Lower Storage
Wooden Rocking Chair - Slat Back
Single Glass Door Small Entertainment Center Stand for Music Equipment
2 Drawer Night Stand
Lane - Cedar Hope Chest With Padded Bench Top
Small Microwave Cart on Wheels
Jewelry Armoire - and Lot of Costume Jewelry

Tools, Outdoor, Lawn & Garden

Plastic Shelving
Hot Air Gun
Small Battery Charger
Jumper Cables
Scoop Shovel, Jobbers, Spade
Craftsman Circular Saw
Clevis', Tie-down Straps
Craftsman 1 1/4 Mini Vac w/ Attachments
4000lb Hydraulic Floor Jack
Dolly Cart
Pair of Outdoor Folding Lawn Chairs and Side Table
Kenmore Outdoor Gas Grill

Household and Miscellaneous

Invacare Wheel Chair - Used Very Little
Nova Walker w/ Hand Brakes and Seat
Small Lot of Holiday Decorations
Rooster, Basket of Flowers and Bear Cookie Jar


Ryan & Jennifer Pellersels, Owners & Wilbur Adams, Owner




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