Larry & Carolyn Sadler Moving Auction – Saturday, March 24, 2018 – Day 2 of 2 – 10:00am

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Auction Location:

Younger Auction Gallery
312 East South Hills Drive
Maryville, MO 64468

Moving Auction

Featuring: 100+ Hummel Figurines, Gold & Diamond Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Vasiline Glass, Fostoria, Terry Redlin Prints, Furniture and More

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – 10:00 am

Younger Auction Gallery
312 East South Hills Drive
Maryville, MO 64468


Gallery and Listing

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Duet "57" #130; Makers Mark 1950
Birthday Serenade (Hand Writing On Bottom) #218 2/0; Makers Mark 1950
Happy Birthday Goebel #176; Makers Mark 1972
Postman Goebel #119; Makers Mark 1979
Happy Pastime #69; Makers Mark 1957
Run-A-Way Goebel #327; Makers Mark 1979
For Father #87; Makers Mark 1979
Out Of Danger (Artist Signed?) #56B; Makers Mark 1979
Band Leader #129/0; Makers Mark 1979
Little Pharmacist "1955" #322
Wash Day #321; Makers Mark 1964
Hello #124; Makers Mark 1979
Merry Wanderer #11; Makers Mark 1979
Merry Wander #7; Makers Mark 1957
Mischief Maker "1960" #342; Makers Mark 1972
Farewell #65/I; Makers Mark 1972
Prayer Before Battle #20; Makers Mark 1979
Umbrella Boy "1957" #152A; Makers Mark 1991
Umbrella Girl "1957" #152B; Makers Mark 1991
Flower Vendor #381; Makers Mark 1972
Little Tailor #308; Makers Mark 1972
Make Me Pretty (With Base) "1999" #20.92; Makers Mark 2000
Day of Beauty (With Base)
Begging His Share #9; Makers Mark 1979
The Builder "1955" #305; Makers Mark 1964
Home From The Market "1948" #198/I; Makers Mark 1979
Waiter #154; Makers Mark 1979
Happy Days #150; Makers Mark 1979
Surprise #94/I; Makers Mark 1972
Little Fiddler #2; Makers Mark 1972
Little Fiddler #4; Makers Mark 1979
Good News "1888" #539; Makers Mark 1991
Hear Ye Hear Ye #15/0; Makers Mark 1979
Village Boy #51; Makers Mark 1979
Eventide #99; Makers Mark 1950
Love in Bloom with Wagon #699; Makers Mark 1991
Happiness #86; Makers Mark 1979
Coquette #179; Makers Mark 1950
Max and Moritz "1939" #123; Makers Mark 1972
Strolling Along #5; Makers Mark 1972
Artist "1955" #304; Makers Mark 1979
Retreat To Safety #201; Makers Mark 1950
Maid To Order (With Base) #2091; Makers Mark 2000
One Coat or Two (With Base) #2090; Makers Mark 2000
Which Hand (1963) #258; Makers Mark 1979
Mountaineer (1955) #315; Makers Mark 2000
Sing With Me (1974) #405; Makers Mark 1979
Boots # 143; Makers Mark 1979
Boy With Toothache #217; Makers Mark 1979
Trumpet Boy (1960) #97; Makers Mark 1972
Weary Wander (1949) #204; Makers Mark 1972
Serenade #85; Makers Mark 1972
Spring Waltz #912/B; Makers Mark 2000
Apple Tree Girl #141; Makers Mark 1991
Apple Tree Boy #142; Makers Mark 1979
Lucky Fellow (1989) #560; Makers Mark 1991
The Poet (1989) #397; Makers Mark 1991
Pixie (1994) #768; Makers Mark 1991
Keeping Time (2002) #2183; Makers Mark 2000
Singing Lesson #63 Makers Mark 2000
Wayside Harmony (1938?) #111; Makers Mark 1979
Cheeky Fellow (1989) #554; Makers Mark 1991
Birthday Present #341; Makers Mark 1991
Little Drummer #240; Makers Mark 1979
Honor Student (1999) #2087/B; Makers Mark 2000
Soloist #135; Makers Mark 1979
Barny and Hero #195; Makers Mark 1979
Goose Girl #47; Makers Mark 1979
Little Goat Herder #200; Makers Mark 1979
Natures Gift #729; Makers Mark 1991
I Brought You A Gift #479; Makers Mark 1991
Forever Yours (1994) #793; Makers Mark 1991
Blossom Time (1990) #608; Makers Mark 1991
Little Hiker #16; Makers Mark 1957
Girl With Trumpet (1968) #391; Makers Mark 1979
Too Shy To Sing (2002) #845; Makers Mark 2000
Sweet Greeting (1964) #352; Makers Mark 2000
Girl With Nosegay #239A; 1964
A Sweet Offering #549; Makers Mark 1991
Just Resting (1938) #112; Makers Mark 1972
Two Hands One Treat (1966) #493; Makers Mark 1991
Steadfast Soprano (2002) #848; Makers Mark 2000
For Keeps (1992) #630; Makers Mark 1991
A Lucky Bug (2008) #2297
Chicken Lickin (1987) #385; Makers Mark 1991
Little Luck (Exclusive Edition) (2008) #2296
From Me To You #629; Makers Mark 1991
Little Sweeper #171; Makers Mark 1979
Busy Student #367; Makers Mark 1972
Skier #59; Makers Mark 1979
Spring Gifts #2273; Makers Mark 2000
Little Gardener #74; Makers Mark 1972
Lost Sheep #68; Makers Mark 1991
Clear As A Bell #2/81; Makers Mark 2000
Grandma's Girl #661; Makers Mark 1991
Cinderella (1972) #337; Makers Mark 1979
Friendly Feeding (2005) #2231; Makers Mark 2000
Shepherds Boy #64; Makers Mark 1979
Sister #98; Makers Mark 1972
Stormy Weather (1984) #71; Makers Mark 1991
Little Shopper #96; Makers Mark 1957
To Market #49; Makers Mark 1972
Pigtails (1998) #2052; Makers Mark 1991
Chick Girl #57; Makers Mark 1957
Little Cellist #89; Makers Mark 1957
Puppet Princess (1999) #2/03A3; Makers Mark 2000
Little Thrifty Bank #118; Makers Mark 1979
Signs Of Spring #203; Makers Mark 1957
Autumn Harvest (1964) #355; Makers Mark 1972
Lets Sing #110; Makers Mark 1964
Girl With Sheet Of Music #389; Makers Mark 1979
Feeding Time (1948) #199; Makers Mark 1957
Count Me In (2001) #2084/B; Makers Mark 2000
March Winds #43; Makers Mark 1950
Stitch In Time #255; Makers Mark 1972
Sunflower Friends (2000) #2/04; Makers Mark 2000
For Mother (1962) #257; Makers Mark 1972
Boy With Accordion #390; Makers Mark 1979
Valentine Joy (1979) #399; Makers Mark 1979
Doctor #127; Makers Mark 1979
Soldier Boy (1957) #332; Makers Mark 1964
Joyful #53; Makers Mark 1972
Congratulations (1971) #17; Makers Mark 1979
Globe Trotter #79; Makers Mark 1979
Grandpa's Boy#562; Makers Mark 1991
Accordion Boy #185; Makers Mark 1950
Little Nurse (1972) #376; Makers Mark 1991
In D-Major (1981) #430; Makers Mark 1979
Baken #128; Makers Mark 1950
Be Patient (1943?) #197; Makers Mark 1964
Meditation (1962) #13/270; Makers Mark 1972
Good Friends #182; Makers Mark 1972
Playmates #58; Makers Mark 1957
Lost Stocking #374; Makers Mark 1979
Little Helper #73; Makers Mark 1957
The Botanist #351; Makers Mark 2000
Little Bookkeeper (1955) #306; Makers Mark 1979
A Sweet Offering #549; Makers Mark 1991
First Mate #2/48B; Makers Mark 2000
Ride Into Christmas #396; Makers Mark 1991
School Boy #82 2/0; Makers Mark 1979
Gardens Treasures (1996) #727; Makers Mark 1991
Birthday Cake Candle Holder #338; Makers Mark 1991
Boy In Tub (2007) #2281
Just Fishing #373; Makers Mark 1979
On Secret Path ( 1971) #386; Makers Mark 1972
School Girl #81; Makers Mark 1957
She Loves Me She Loves Me No #174; Makers Mark 1979
Bird Duet# 109; Makers Mark 1950
Volunteers #50; Makers Mark 1979
Mothers Darlings #175; Makers Mark 1979
The Smart Little Sister #346; Makers Mark 1964
Sweet Music #186; Makers Mark 1979
Easter Time #384; Makers Mark 1979
Congratulate #220; Makers Mark 1991

Hummels (Glass)

White Glass- Girl In Tree (Chrystal)
White Glass-Boy In Tree (Chrystal)

Hummels (Miscellaneous)

Silver Spoon
Snowman Boy Ornament (2002) AND Umbrella Girl Small Plate
3 White Coasters
Apple Tree Boy and Girl Dinner Plate (NO-ME-5115)

Hummels (Small Plates)

Boys First Edition Hummel 744
Boys Second Edition Hummel 741
Boys Third Edition Hummel 743
Boys Final Edition Hummel 742
Girls First Edition Hummel 745
Girls Second Edition Hummel 746
Girls Third Edition Hummel 747
Girls Final Edition Hummel 748


Miscellaneous Antique Jewelry Books
Free Standing Jewelry Armoire
Free Standing Jewelry Armoire
Elgin National Watch Company Pocket Watch (Silver)
Ladies Elgin Pocket Watch 20 Year Case
Ladies Elgin Pocket Watch 7 Jewels with Etching 14K
Rolex Luisse Sporting Swiss Pocket Watch with Stag On Front
Caravelle Pocket Watch with Stag on Front
Flower Shaped 14K Diamond Ring w/ 9 Round Stones, .90 Total CW, Y6 Fancy
Round Diamond Pendant "Circle of Life" w/ 22 Round Graduating Stones, SI Clarity, and H to I Color, 1.99 TCW
Diamond Marquise Solitaire Ring, 10K Gold Band w/ .90 TCW Stone
14K Diamond Tennis Bracelet w/ 53 Round Diamonds, TCW 1.2
14K Diamond Cluster Bracelet w/ 14 Clusters in White Gold, TCW of 3.95
14K Mans Ring w/ .52 TCW Center Diamond, Clarity SI2
14K 3 Tiered Diamond Pendant on Box Chain, 1/5 TCW
Gold (?) Tennis Bracelet w/ 42 Round Stones and Security Latch
Peruvian 14K Gold - 3 Rope Bracelet
Herringbone Gold Bracelet, Marked Aurafin4
Gold Sleek 14K Bracelet - Italy
Herringbone Gold Necklace, Marked Aurafin - Italy
Gold Twisted Rope Bracelet Marked Aurafin - Italy
Pandora Bracelet with Charms
Silver Bolivir Ladies Watch w/ Diamond Chips
Silver Ring w/ Diamond Heart and Center Solitaire Stone
Yellow Gold Wedding Ring & Band w/ Round Solitaire Diamond In Ring and Band
Diamond Stud Earrings
Set of Sakura 23 inch Pearl Necklace w/ Pouch and Appraisal
5-Spring Type Necklaces, 1 Pair of Clip Earrings
Asst of Necklaces, Bracelets, Clip Earrings- Blue (Some Trifari)
Asst of Necklaces and Clip Earrings "Trifari"
2- Faux Pearl With Satin Or Silk Backing Choker Style Necklaces
3- Strand Choker Style (Pearl?) Off White with Rhinestones (Trifari)
Lot of Asst Necklaces, Bracelets, Clip Earrings, (Cora and Trifari)
Lot of Asst Chrystal Necklaces, Clip Earrings
Lot of Black and Chrystal Necklaces and Clip Earrings (Trifari and Laguna)
Lot of German Made Necklaces and Clip Earrings (Plastic?)
Lot of (Plastic?) Necklaces and Clip Earrings (One German Made)
Large Lot of Glass, Plastic, Chrystal Necklaces and Earrings (Trifari and Cora)
Lot of Glass and Chain Long Necklaces, 2- Sets of Earrings
3- Unusual Marble and Rhinestone Brooches
Clear Rhinestone Choker "Vendome" Brooches and Clip Earrings
4- Enamel Bird Brooches
5- Asst Rhinestone Brooches
4- Brooches, 1- Set Clip Earrings (Bird with Tiger Eye)
Asst of Costume Sets (Plastic and Chrystal)
Set of German Blue Cat Eye Type Bead/ Copper Wire
Gold Tone Semi Precious Stone Brooch Bag
Set of Holly Craft Amber/ Faux Pearl
Set of Interesting Mother/ Pearl Lantern Style
2- Sets of Necklaces and Earrings, Yellow Orange Chunky Blown Glass
Chunky Purple Faced Plastic Double Strand Bib Choker Earrings
2- Pretty Aurora Topaz Chrystal Bib Choker Set Earrings
Asst Silver Tone, Very Pretty (Trifari)
Large Lot of Asst Gold Tone/ White (Trifari)
Asst of Chrystal Brooch on Hankie (Some Trifari)
Lot of Purple/ Gray Plastic Cat Eye Earrings
Lot of Gold/ Silver Tone Jewelry (Trifari)
Asst of Vintage Metal Buttons, Plastic Buttons, Some Wood Centers
Large Lot of Black/ Gold Plastic Bead Necklaces and Earrings (Trifari)
Asst of Plastic Beads, Cat Eye, Glass Earrings
4- Pair of Chunky Plastic/ Glass Earrings (Trifari Dalsheim)
10k Gold Filled Amethyst Bracelet
Asst Chunky Gold/ Silver Tone Chain Earrings (Monet)
Asst Very Interesting Faux Pearl
Chunky Blue Tone Plastic Costume Jewelry (Some Trifari)
Gold/ Silver Tone Earrings (Some Rhinestones) (Trifari)
Unusual Choker, with 3- Sets of Earrings, Plastic and Faux Pearl (Trifari)
Large Asst of Chunky Necklaces and Earrings (Some Trifari)
Vintage Cameo Pearl Necklaces, Chrystal Lariat
Asst of Vintage Clip Earrings and Yellow Necklace


CM Bergmann Germany Porcelain Head Sleepy Eye Doll with Composite Arms and Legs - Jointed
Life Like Soft Infant Doll In Wicker Sleeping Basket
Ornate Souvenir Spoon Display Holder
Large Lot of Collector Spoons
Blue Fenton Handled Basket
Lavender Carnival Handled Bowl
Vaseline Toothpick Holder
Vaseline Footed Candy with Opalescent Trimmed Top- Bracket & Swag Design,
Vaseline and Opalescent - Bracket & Swag Design, Spooner, Covered Sugar and Creamer
Vaseline and Opalescent - Bracket & Swag Design, Footed Covered Butter
Vaseline and Opalescent Fenton Bell
Vaseline & Gold Trimmed, Delaware Design, Berry Bowl Set w/ Master and 6 Individuals
Vaseline and Opalescent Fan and Daisy Pattern with Gold Accent Master Berry Bowl and 6 Small Bowls
Rosenthal Germany Crystal Bowl
Set of 12 Etched Daisy Drinking Glasses
Set of 12 Centennial Avon Red Dish Set: Plates; Salads; Drinking Glasses; Cups and Saucers; Candle Sticks (Pair); Large Bowl; Salt and Pepper
AFL To Arrowhead Book, By Mark Stallard, Autographed by Otis Taylor #89
Noritake China; 10 Piece Setting; Dinner Plates; Salad Plates; Dessert Plates; Sauce Dishes; Cups with Gravy Boat; 2 Vegetable Dishes; Serving Platter; Sugar and Creamer; Butter Dish
Glass Wine Decanter With Six Glasses
Fostoria Glassware with Rose Pattern; 10 Piece Setting; Dinner Plates; Salad Plates; Dessert Plates; Cups and Saucers; Water Glasses; Dessert Glasses
Crystal Glassware of Wine Glasses and Liquor Glasses
Antique Pictures of Little Boy Blue and Pinkie
Antique Opera Glasses with Case
Antique Dishes From Holland, Denmark,
Set of Silver-Plated 8 Piece Silverware In Wooden Case
Set of Stainless Silverware in Wooden Case
Set of 12 Piece 1847 Rogers Bros. Silver Plated Silverware in a Two Drawer Silverware Case
Set of 12 Piece Silver Plated Silverware in Case
Set of 4 Nested Lipped Pyrex Bowls
Limited Edition Die Cast Metal Collection Bank of Semi Truck with Trailer
Set of 10 Terry Redlin Plate/ Ornaments: Almost Home 1994; Sharing The Evening 1995; Winter Wonderland 1997; Night on the Town 1996; Trimming the Tree 1997; Racing Home; Lights of Home 1996; Evening Rehearsals 1997; Sweet Memories 1997; 2000 Annual Ornament- Toasting Marshmallows
Tony Stewart Race Car Driver Flag
USS Missouri Navy Ship Model
USS Kitty Hawk Navy Ship Model
USS Navy Ship Model
Swarovski Crystal Figurines: Roaster Hen and 3 Chicks; Bunny; Dog; Long Beaked Bird; Apple and Heart with Bow
Griswold #623 Eggle Steever
Mounted Newspaper Print of David Rankin's 6,000 Acre 42-2 Row Cultivators
Pair of Beautiful Deer Mounts- 10pt & 9pt


Terry Redlin "O Beautiful for Spacious Skies" Matted & Framed, Signed, Dated 1990
Terry Redlin " Summertime" Matted & Framed, Signed, Dated 1991, Print has scratches on main picture (pictured)
Ducks/Quail Unlimited Print, #472/800, Signed by Linda Picken, "Locked On"


Janome 6260 Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal and Sewing Cabinet and Chair
La-Z-Boy Love Seat Recliner- Like New, Green in Color
Tapestry Cushioned Folding Rocking Chair
Verichron Wall Clock
Dark Brown La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner
Lot of Table Lamps
King Sized Bed & Frame
6 Drawer Vanity Dresser with Attached Mirror and Matching 4 Drawer High Boy Dresser- Art Deco Style
2- Two Drawer Wooden File Cabinets for Letter Or Legal Files
7 Shelf, Glass Shelves, Lighted Curio Cabinet, Glass Sides & Door with Fan Etched in Rounded Top
Double Glass Door with 2 Glass Shelves, Mirrored Back and Lighted, Low Profile Display Cabinet
Oval Oak Dining Room Table with 2 Leafs and 6 Matching Spindle Back Chairs (2 Captains)
Oak Curved Center Section 6 Drawer China Hutch with Glass Front Leaded Doors
White Clad, Cedar Chest, To Look Like Old Cold Storage Unit
9 Drawer Armoire with 2 Side Doors and Lift Top Storage
9 Drawer Armoire with 2 Side Doors and Lift Top Storage
Set of 3 Glass Top Side Tables
Wrought Iron Glass Top Coffee Table
Handmade Wooden Baby Bassinet Cradle
Handmade Cradle with Mattress, Sheets, Blankets and Bumper Pad
Expanded Queen Feather Bed (Like New)

Owner - Larry & Carolyn Sadler



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