Col. Edward & Mrs. Helen Grace Estate Auction– Saturday, October 7th 2017 – 10:00am – Til It’s Sold!

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Col. Edward & Mrs. Helen Grace Estate Auction

Featuring: Antiques, Hummels, 100+ Seraphim Angels, Thomas Kincade Framed & Numbered Prints, Kimball Spinet Piano, Modern & Antique Furniture, Cambridge Glass, 100 Madam Alexander Dolls, Hallmark Christmas Ornaments, Household items, Outdoor Lawn Ornaments & Furniture and much more!


Saturday, October 7th, 2017 – 10:00 am

2008 Agency Rd, St. Joseph, MO


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2008 Agency Rd, St. Joseph, MO

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Set of 12 Hummel Plates
Golden Anniversary Album M.J. Hummel Copyright 1984 First Edition Book
2 “Apple Tree Boy and Girl” # TT2940 & TT2941
Private Parade #TT2940
Hello Down There #TT2940
Surprise #TT2940
Country Crossroads #TT2940
Stormy Weather #TT2940
Squeaky Clean #TT2940
Come Back Soon #TT2940
Budding Scholars #TT2940
Tender Loving Care #TT2940
Little Explorers #TT2940
Little Musicians #TT2940
Easter Greeting Doll w/ Box -Boy
Carnival Doll w/ Box -Boy
Signs of Spring Doll w/ Box -Girl
Lost Sheep Doll w/ Box -Boy
On Holiday Doll w/ Box -Girl
Birthday Serenade Doll w/ Box -Girl
Postman Doll w/ Box -Boy
Birthday Serenade Doll w/ Box -Boy
Ride Into Christmas Doll w/ Box -Boy
1979 Goebel Annual Crystal Glass Bell w/ Box
Volunteers Figurine w/ Box Hum50/2/0 #170
Carnival Figurine #789 Hum328 w/ Box Signed 1957
Feathered Friends Figurine #744 Hum344 w/ Box 1956
Eighth Edition Annual Bell Figurine w/ Box 1985
Wayside Devotion Figurine #566 Hum28/II w/ Box
We Wish You The Best Figurine #209 Hum600 w/ Box 1989
50 Years Figurine #416 w/ Box 1980

Collector Dolls
Germany L.E. #3552/5000 Bavarian Dresden Rosemary
Dolls By Jerri Made in USA Baby Boy- Jointed All Porcelain and Glass Eyes
Dolls By Jerri Made in USA Baby Girl- Jointed All Porcelain and Glass Eyes
Marion YU Design Dolls of Boy and Girl with Lower Lip Out- All Porcelain- Jointed Arms and Legs Girl Sitting on Wood Music Stand
Gotz Walking and Singing Doll with Extra Talking Discs Needs Batteries- Made in Italy- Good Shape Made of Plastic/ Composite
All Porcelain Doll Jointed Arms and Legs Glass Eyes
German Boy/Girl All Porcelain Jointed Arms/ Legs By Norma Stands Included
Wind Up Composite Material- Wanda the Unaided Walking Doll- Both Legs and Arms Move -Sleepy Eye- Real Hair?? Linda Mann Seymour Soft Body and Porcelain Hands and Feet
Elvis Limited Edition by World Doll 2nd Celebrity Collection Plastic Body
May West Doll 4th Legend Series Effanbee
Pair of Nuns Marian YU Designs 3965/5000 4448/5000 on Wood Music Stands

Madam Alexander
Group of 5 8 Inch Madame Alexander Dolls of Little Women Characters in Original Box
Group of 5 12 Inch Madame Alexander Dolls of Little Women Characters in Original Box
Group of 5 Nursery Rhyme Characters Madame Alexander Dolls, Red Riding Hood 8 Inch; Betsie Ross 8 Inch; Miss Muffet 8 Inch; Heide 14 Inch Alice and Wonder Land 14;
Group of 5 Madam Alexander Dolls, Ballerina 17 Inch; Heidi 14 Inch; Cinderella 10 Inch; Sargent 14 Inch Open Series Mcguffey Anna 14 Inch
Group of 4 Madame Alexander Dolls, 2 Snow Whites in Different Dresses 14 Inch; Cinderella 14 Inch; Sleeping Beauty 14 Inch
Group of 4 Madame Alexander Dolls 3 Brides : 2 – 17 Inch 1 – 8 Inch; 1 Groom 8 Inch
Group of 5 Madame Alexander Dolls Hansel & Gretel 8Inch; Laurie (Little Men) 8Inch; Lilly 10 Inch; Violetta 10 Inch
Group of 4 Madame Alexander Dolls Romeo 12 Inch; Gibson Girl 10 Inch; Lord Nelson 12 Inch; Flapper Girl 10 Inch
Group of 6 Madame Alexander Dolls Napoleon and Josephine 12 Inch; Marc Antony and Cleopatra 12 Inch; Pinkie and Blue Boy 12Inch
Group of 7 Madame Alexander Dolls Gone with the Wind 8 Inch; Rhett 8 Inch; Scarlett 8 Inch; Mrs. O’Hara 8 Inch; Ashley 8 Inch; Melanie 8 Inch; Prissy 8 Inch; Bonnie 8 Inch
Group of 5 Madam Alexander Dolls, Gone With The Wind 12 Inch; Rhett 12 Inch; SuEllen 12 Inch; Melanie 12 Inch; Union Officer and Scarlett in Green Dress 12 Inch; Scarlett in White Dress 14 Inch
Group of 7 Madame Alexander World Country Dolls: Poland, Argentina, Norway, Japan, Peru, Germany, Spain
Group of 7 Madame Alexander World Country Dolls: Poland, Denmark, USA, India, Canada, Scotland, Italy
Group of 4 Madame Alexander Dolls: Pussycat 14Inch; Pussycat 16Inch; Puddy 14Inch; Rosebud 20Inch
Group of 3 Madame Alexander Dolls: Carmen 14Inch; Salome 14Inch; Kitten 20Inch
Madame Harp Player Hand Painted Porcelain/ Bisque Music Box- Plays Fascination

Several Lots Worth of NIB Barbie Dolls and Military Ken and Barbie

Music Boxes
Classic Car Music Box Plays Pink Cadillac 1959 Cadillac Eldorado
Classic Car Music Box Plays Fun Fun Fun 1955 Ford Thunderbird
Classic Car Music Box Plays Run Around Sue 1953 Chevrolet Corvette
One Lot of Musical Snow Globes
Willie the Whistler Music Box Plays Memories
Willie the Hobo Music Box Plays Show Me the Way To Go Home
Willie the Trumpeter Music Box
The Carousel Music Box Plays Over the Waves
White and Gold Porcelain Grand Piano Music Box

Seraphim Angels
Set of 4 Trellis 1999
Set of 4 Garden of Angles Flower Bed Corners, Realer Edition Display #81834
Paradise Found # 81825
Limited Edition Heavenly Beauty 5th Year Anniversary Figurine #78195 Signed by Artist No-5-HRC2632
3 Piece Rosebush and Wheel Barrow #81832; Carousel Canopy #84343 and Bird House NOT Seraphim
Paradise Found # 81825 Artist Singed
Garden of Angels Gate Dealer Addition # 81829 with Fountain Creation Praise D.E. #81823 D.E. Simple Pleasures #81824
Garden of Angels Gate with Fountain D.E. #81829 Peaceful Reflection #81826 – Trusting Soul #81489
3 Sets of Nativity Trees #81790
2 Sets of Nativity Stables #81789
Nativity Animals #81490
3 Sets of Group of 3 Nativity Fence #81791
Group of 2 Nativity Fence #81791
2 Sets of Nativity Ledges #81792
Travelers From the East (3 Wise men) #78067
Group of 3 Nativity Camels #81719
Mary Joseph and Baby In Manger (Staff Broken) #70128
Tess (Tender One) 1998 Charter Member Figurine
Nina (Heavenly Hero's) #9H1485
Hope (Light In The Distance) Breast Cancer Edition #8D1388
Avalon (Free Spirit) L.E. #8116519
Carley (Make A Wish) #1095 of 5000
Ariel (Heavens Shining Star) 1997 L.E. Number- Warn/ Rubbed Off
Annalisa (Joyful Spirit) Millennium L.E. #901644
Annabella (Announcement of Joy) #8BB1249
Amelia (Eternal Bloom) 1998 Golden Wings Exclusive #871911
Jessica (Grateful Heart) #21H1029
Jessica (Grateful Heart) #21J1012
Clarissa (Celestial Sounds) 1999 Earned your Wings Exclusive #9B1166
Lydia (Winged Poet) Artist Signed
Alyssa (Natures Angel) 1995 L.E. #10844
Gallery Collections Heralding and Joyous Sound #517 of 1000 Artist Signed
Phoebe (Hearts Content) 2002 Club Exclusive Ornament
Heavenly Reflections- Charise (Bloom From Heaven) #5HRC2632
Heavenly Reflections L.E. Club Member Set Laurel (Natures Harmony) #5HRC2632
Heavenly Reflections L.E. Club Member Set Olivia (Loving Heart) #5HRC2632
Heavenly Reflections L.E. Club Member Set Caroline (Garden Song) #5HRC2632
Heavenly Reflections L.E. Club Member Set Pond Display Base #5HRC2632

Collectibles Glass
Old Porcelain Bowl with Hand Sharped Leaves and Flowers on Edge – Made in Italy
Lennox Barnyard Collection Kitten Creamer in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Bunny and Kitten S&P’s in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Pig Sugar Pot in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Rooster and Hen in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Cow Creamer in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Kitten Sugar Bowl in Box
2 Lennox Barnyard Collection Bunny Cookie Jars in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Kitten Covered Butter in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Goose Tureen in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Rooster Pitcher in Box
2 Lennox Barnyard Collection Duck Teapot in Box
Lennox Barnyard Collection Kitten Cookie Jar in Box
Mikasa Crystal Table Clock
Blue Hand Blown Pitcher
Large Lot of Pressed and Design Glass Bowls Plates, Etc…
Pink Fenton Hen on Nest- Large
Blue Fenton Hen on Nest- Medium
Yellow Fenton Hen on Nest- Small
Etched Glass Covered Candy/ Biscuit Jar Flower Pattern
Group of 3 Glass Candle Holders with Ribbon Glass Stems
Etched Bird Design Lead Crystal Water Goblet Red and Clear Made in Germany (Set of 12)
Amains Bird Collection Lead Crystal Red and Clear Salt and Pepper
Pair of 3 Tiered Lead Crystal Red and Clear Salt and Pepper
Amains Bird Collection Footed Lead Crystal Bowl Red Faded
Pair of Red and Clear Tulip Candle Holders
Ruby Christina 5.5 Footed Compote and Scalloped Edge Bowl 8.5
Ruby Christina 12 Inch Oval Bowl
Ruby Christina 1 Liter Decanter
Ruby Christina 1 Liter Footed Pitcher
Ruby Christina 3 Footed 10.25 Inch Covered Compote
Etched Glass Decanter and 6 Etched Glass Brandy Glasses Marked Made in Romania
Cambridge Glass Candle Holder with Extra Arms
Omas Cookies Glass Etched Cookie Jar

Kuerdo Oval Shaped Anniversary Clock with Key
Kuerdo Oval Shaped Anniversary Clock with Key
Group of 3 Baby Figurines 2 Lifters 1 Unmarked
International Brand Gold Plated Coffee, Tea, Cream and Sugar and Footed Serving Tray
Footed Orange Slag Glass Hinged Compote / Trinket Box
Pair of English Pewter Mugs
California Pottery Twin Winton Monk Cookie Jar and Salt and Pepper
Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with Sewing Machine
Lot of Rooster Figurines
Crosley Retro Electric Radio
White Colored Delaval Cream Separator Stand with Original Tag
Magic Chef Green Porcelain Marbled Front Stove Top and Oven – Gas – Works
Group of Metal Tin Canister Sets
4 Door Hinged Cubby Box Unusual
Laffun Head By Bibi Products- Pair- Cowboy and Man
Etched Glass Dresser Mirror with Cast Iron Base Swivel Top- Painted White
Edison Batter Bottle
Pewter Looking Hallmark Made Harley Davidson Motorcycle Picture Holder
Hallmark Made Harley Davidson Water Globe Featuring 1929 Model C
Large lot of Vintage Sewing Supplies
Frigidaire White Metal Electric (?) Refrigerator
Challenger Brass Trumpet with Mouth Piece in Case- Been Repaired
Large Collection of Beanie Baby’s
Old Wood Chest- No Hinge
Group of Fly Rods
Tackle Box and Some Fishing Tackle
Pair of Camel Lights
Largo Gans Wall Clock, 8 Day, Have Key, Metal and Brass Face
Kodak Duaflex IV Camera with Flash

Modern Collectibles
Packard Bell Radio Console with Garrard Turn Table for 78, 45, 33, and 16 Records
Thomas Collectors Edition Floor Radio Cassette Player Made to Look Like Early 40’s Radio

Holy Land Art- Nativity Set: Manger, Animals, Wiseman, Mary Joseph and Baby Made From Olive Wood
Holy Land Art- The Last Supper
Michigan Artist Mary and Jesus Figurine
Large Lot of Religious Figurines and Wall Decorations

Dish Sets
Lennox; Group of 3 Swans, Pair of Covered Vegetables (1 Red 1 Black), Gravy Boat, 2 Cream and Sugar, 2 Salt and Pepper, Tea Pot, Covered Butter, Oval Vegetable with Red Trim, Oval with High Sides 2 Oval Patter (1 Red Trim 1 Gold Trim); Set of 16 Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, Cups and Saucers
Lennox; 8 Red Glasses, 20 White Wine Glasses, 16 Short Red Wines/Sherbets, 17 Short White Wines, 9 Champaign Flutes, Large Lot of Lennox Candles, Lennox Large Handled Tray Metal (Silver), Lennox Small Metal Tray (Silver), Lennox 2 Piece Chip and Dip Set, Lennox 3 Piece Salad Set Metal (Silver)
Set of Noritake Everyday Dishes
Set of Corelle Luxe Plates and Bowls
Set of Royal Albert Poinsettia Christmas Dishes
Mikasa Strawberry Festival Set: Dishwasher Safe: Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Cups and Saucers, Serving Platter, Large Bowl, Cream and Sugar, Covered Vegetable and Pitcher

Antique Furniture
Marble Top Lamp Table with Center Finial and Spoon Carved Design- Beautiful Porcelain Wheels 28x19.5 Inches
Beautiful Buffet with Spindle Legs, 2 Side Door Storage and 2 Drawers, Lovely Columns and Multi Toned Wood
Scalloped Back Shell Carved Detail, Wood Framed Yellow Sofa
Moriagi Pained Base Lamps with Marble Base and Hanging Crystals
Pair of Rose and Wine Colored Tufted Matching Low Back Sofas
Pair of Cushioned Bottom Arm Chairs with River Scene Painted on Backrest
6 Drawer Side Buffet with 2 Door and Shelf Storage- Mahogany?
Child’s Wooden Chair
Vanity Antique Dresser with Swivel Mirror 7 Drawers Two Tone Wood and 5 Drawer Highboy
Childs C-Scroll Desk
Philco Floor Model Radio, Wood Work Good Shape, Model 96, Original Wiring

Modern Furniture
Bassett Brand Dining Room Table and 8 Upholstered Chairs- 2 Captains with Rattan Back and 1 with Hole
Bassett China Hutch with 2 Sets of Double Glass Doors, 2 Single Doors, 1 Open Storage and Storage Drawers
6 Drawer Dresser with Single Door and 3 More Drawers
High Boy Dresser 5 Drawer By Basset and Tri Fold Vanity Dresser with 7 Drawers and Cubby with 2 Pull Outs by Athens Furniture All Matching
5 Drawer High Boy Dresser and Matching 6 Drawer Vanity Dresser and Full Size Bookcase Head Board Bed
King Size Head Board and Bed
Thick Wood Rocking Chair with Vertical Slats
Doll Swinging Cradle
Pair of Gentleman's Dressers, 5 Drawers and Beveled Mirror, Single Door with 3 Shelves By Athens Furniture
Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with 5 Drawer Flip Top with Mirror, Side Open Necklace Hangers and Bottom Storage
Floral Pattern Cushioned Side Chair
Matching Single Drawer Maple Side Tables
Pair of Gold Ball Stemmed Lamps
4.5x3 Foot Framed Wall Mirror
White and Gold Framed Wall Mirror
Gold Framed Mirror
Pair of Double Lighted Table Lamps
Iron Legged Glass Top Entry Table
Computer Desk with Hutch on Top, 2 Drawers and Printer Storage
Full Size Head Board Bookcase with Box Spring and Mattress 2 Years Old
5 Drawer Dresser High Boy By Huntly Furniture and Matching 9 Drawer Vanity Dresser with Mirror and 3 Drawer Vanity Dresser
2 Door Single Shelf Entertainment Stand
4 Drawer Round Coffee Table
Pair of Wine Colored Swivel Rocking Chairs
Pair of Wine Colored Stuffed Rocking Recliner Chairs
Light Pink and Roses 5x8 Area Rug
Wine Colored with Roses Area Rug 8x8
Group of 4 VHS Cabinets
Pair of Cabinet Style Entertainment Centers
Black Low Profile TV Stand with Lower Shelving
Leather Sided Ottoman with Lift Top For Storage
Shiny Red Vinyl Ottoman with Lift Top for Storage
Office Desk Chair
HP Printer
Portable Remote Control Heater
Large Lot of Table Lamps
Scalloped Edge Woven Area Rug Green in Color 4.5 Diameter Approximately
Pair of Metal Wall Table Halves
4 Matching Mahogany Cherry Chairs 1 Captain with Mis-Matched Upholstered Bottoms
Older Floral Sofa

House Hold and Kitchen
2 Hall Runners 1 Blue and 1 Red
Large lot of King Sized Linens
Large Lot of Baking Pans and Cookie Sheets
Lot of Glass and Metal Pie Pans
Lot of Plastic Ware
Lot of Cutlery
Lot of Pots and Pans
Lot of Glass Bakeware
Lot of Kitchen Utensils
Blue Folding Table and Padded Chairs
Group of Several Decorative Stackable Boxes

GE Refrigerator Freezer with Water and Ice Dispenser and Short Cut Door
Bravos- Maytag Commercial Technology Glass Top Washer
GE Front Load Heavy Duty Large Capacity Dryer
Admiral Side by Side Refrigerator Freezer
Westinghouse Deep Freeze Older Unit
4 Holmes Portable Space Heaters

Small Appliances
Crock Pot (Like New In Box)
George Foreman Grill
Black and Decker Waffle Maker
Oster Blender
Nutri Bullet
Rival Mini Chopper
Electric Meat and Cheese Slicer
Panini Press
Eureka Vacuum Sweeper

Thomas Kinkade Prints
Homestead House By Thomas Kinkade Matted and Framed with Certificate 35.5x30.5
A New Day Dawning Romance of The Sea I By Thomas Kinkade and Framed with Certificate and Signed 44x36  #1978/3850
Morning Glory Cottage By Thomas Kinkade Matted and Framed with Certificate and Signed 29x25 #2377/4850
Everett’s Cottage by Thomas Kinkade Matted and Framed with Certificate 40.5x36.5
Cobblestone Lane I By Thomas Kinkade Matted and Framed with Certificate 40x35.5

R Atkinson Fox Print of Cottage with Flower Garden Framed 22x16
Large Matted and Framed Print in Ornate Gold Gilded Frame Scene of Victorian Plantation Home for Wedding 42x28
Print on Card Board with Ornately Framed River Scene 49x34
Gold Framed Prints of Pinkie and Blue Boy

Artificial Plants
7 Foot Palm Tree
Pair of 5 Foot Palm Trees
Pair of Ficus Trees
Large Lot of Artificial Flowers and Arrangements

Specialty Items
Kimball Spinet Piano with Cushioned Piano Bench
Brunswick Windsor Pool Table Recovered in 2005 By Acme Music and Vending
Octagonal Bumper Pool Table with Poker Table Cover or Flat Surface Cover

Lawn and Garden
Group of 5 Yard Ornament Angles
Pair of Bench Seating Metal Trellis
Dumpster Mill Water Pump
Iron Wheels
Cast Iron (Painted) Covered Pot
Metal Gazebo
Iron Black Table and Lazy Susan Center and 6 Matching Chairs
4 White Metal Benches
2 Metal Courting Benches
Black Metal Round Table with 5 Rocker Chairs
Metal Glider
Fire Pit Ring with Dear on Side
Rubbermaid Storage Bench
Large Lot of Flower Pots
Numerous Yard Ornaments, Gazing Balls
Pair of Rubbermaid Glider Love Seats
Concrete Round Table with 3 Circular Bench Seats and Umbrella
Metal Framed Gazebo- Parts
4 Urn Flower Pots

Toshiba Color Television
Space Saver Treadmill with Incline Feature

Large Lot of Hard and Soft Back Books
Lot of Bird Figurines
Lot of Canning Jars- Some Blue
Lot of Wicker Baskets
Small Lot of Hand Tools
Large Lot of Vases
Lot of Plastic Stackable Drawers
Large lot of Scrap Booking Items
Lot of Old Travel Cases
Lot Of Family Board Games
Projection Screen 100x100 Inches
Electric Putt Return
Star Wars Sunggies: Darth Vader, Yoda, Storm Trooper
Everlast 60lb Punching Bag

Holiday Collectibles
Large Lot of Holiday Decorations (Christmas)
Lot of Coca Cola Christmas Decorations: Village and Buildings
1000+ Hallmark Ornament Collection; Bearingess, Madame Alexander, Angles, Lunch Boxes, 20th Anniversary, Lighted Motion Membership Pieces, Trains, Horse Ornaments, American Car Series and So Many More
Large German Made Train Set, Modern Style with Some Accessories
Large Plastic Outdoor Christmas Decorations: Santa, Candles, Joseph Mary and Baby Jesus

Lot of Various Sized Stuffed Animals
Boxes of Disney Collector Cards
Pair of Black Jack Savings Banks
Lot of Tom Teirny Paper Doll Books (New)
Lot of Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Other Brands of Old Military Vehicles
Kc Football, Childs Helmet
John Deere 2755 Tractor with Loader by Ertl
John Deere Wide Front Tractor
John Deere Barge Wagon by Ertl
John Deere 6 Wheel Gator with Dump Bed by Ertl
Tonka Metal and Plastic Road Grater
Tonka Orange Jeep
Tonka Mighty Diesel Dump Truck
Nylint 885 Ford Telehandler Fire Truck with Extending Ladder
Turbo Drive All Metal Pedal Tractor (?) Wheels Rough

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